Recorded on April 29, 2020, this two-hour webinar is for the Maine business community, policymakers, attorneys, healthcare providers, and other members of the public. The following topics were covered by a panel of experts, led by a moderator for each session. 

Note: Times indicate the start of each session within the video. View transcript of the Maine AI Webinar.  

Introduction by University of Maine Vice President Ali Abedi and opening remarks by President Joan Ferrini-Mundy.

(4:00) Advances in Artificial Intelligence – Moderator: Terry Yoo, Associate Professor of Computer Science, UMaine 

    • (5:25) Roy Turner, Associate Professor of Computer Science, UMaine. Turner slides (PDF)
    • (10:50) Salimeh Yasaei Sekeh, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, UMaine. Sekeh slides (PDF)
    • (16:00) Carla Brodley, Dean of Khoury College of Computer Sciences, Northeastern University.

(32:00) Applications of AI in Business, Industry, Government, Healthcare and Environment – Moderator: Ali Abedi, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Assistant Vice President for Research, UMaine. Abedi slides (PDF) 

    • (36:30) Kay Aikin, Co-founder of Introspective Systems. Aikin slides (PDF)
    • (43:00) Sepideh Ghanavati, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, UMaine. Ghavanati slides (PDF)
    • (47:30) Yonggang “Tim” Lu, Harold Alfond Associate Professor of Business Analytics, Maine Business School. Lu slides (PDF)
    • (51:45) Auroop Ganguly, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Director of the Sustainability and Data Science Laboratory, Northeastern University. Ganguly slides (PDF)

(1:02:00) Education and Workforce Development – Moderator: Penny Rheingans, Director of the School of Computing and Information Science, UMaine

(1:29:30) Social, Ethical, Policy and Legal Considerations – Moderator: Shaleen Jain, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UMaine

    • (1:32:30) Jim Isaak, Past President of IEEE Computer Society. Isaak slides (PDF)
    • (1:39:27) Harlan Onsrud, Professor of Spatial Informatics, UMaine. Onsrud slides (PDF)
    • (1:43:50) Peter Guffin, Co-Director of the Information Privacy Program, University of Maine School of Law. Guffin slides (PDF)

To view a list of questions asked during the AI Webinar and panelist responses, please visit the Webinar Q&A webpage.

Organized by: UMaine AI

Sponsored by: University of Maine