SCIS set to host new interdisciplinary lunch series

Fall 2020 iLunch series – Fridays (12:00 pm – 1:00 pm)

i^3 = interesting, interdisciplinary, interactive

The School of Computing and Information Science is hosting an interdisciplinary seminar series to be held on Fridays throughout the Fall 2020 semester. Topics relating to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), such as talks in the areas of neural networks, robotic control and prediction models.

September 25, 2020: Probabilistic Safety Constraints for Robotic control.
Speaker: Vikas Dhiman, University of California in San Diego

October 2, 2020: A Fourier Framework for Feature Selection.
Speaker: Mohsen Heidari, Purdue University

October 9, 2020: AI with Rules. (Canceled)

October 16, 2020: Modelling Connectivity: An Alternative Approach to Neural Network Compression.
Speaker: Madan R. Ganesh, UMichigan / UMaine (Sekeh Lab)

October 23, 2020: Fundamental Limits of Deep Graph Convolutional Networks.
Speaker: Abram Manger, University at Albany (SUNY)

October 30, 2020: A function space view of overparameterized neural networks.
Speaker: Greg Ongie, Marquette University (Milwaukee)

November 6, 2020: Adversarial Machine Learning in the Wild.
Speaker: Theodore Nowak, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

November 13, 2020: Role of Prediction Models in Object Tracking.
Speaker: Suren Kumar, Amazon

November 20, 2020: A Concentration of Measure Approach to Social Network Deanonymization.
Speaker: Farhad Shirani, North Dakota State University

November 27, 2020: (TBA).
Speaker: Ali Shirazi, University of Maine

December 4, 2020: (TBA).
Speaker: Caitlin Howell, University of Maine

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